Sierra’s Hotel Stay

20160411_024743829_iOSSunday was a weird day, they took everything out of the house.  The bed, chairs, my dog dishes, blankets and pillow.  We had to say goodbye to the house and also we thanked  the house for providing us shelter.  Which was nice because I really don’t like to be out in the cold or in the rain. Rain is wet and my feet are sensitive to wet things.   We went to this weird place called a hotel.

It’s just a room with a bed but it’s nice and my human mom brought my favorite blankets.  The next day my humans had to go to work so they took me to doggy day care.  Usually I don’t like to be away from my humans but it was fun playing with the other dogs and run around after the stressful weekend of watching our stuff leave the house. They gave me a relaxing massage while bathing me and I didn’t mind that wet stuff too much. Then they gave me a pedicure which included trimming my nails.  I was bummed that I didn’t get flowers painted like my human mom but oh well.

So far this hotel thing has been nice, the bed is comfy;  I saw interesting animals like a turkey and a rabbit walking around the neighborhood.  I wish I wasn’t on my leash so I could go say hi but I wonder if these animals  make stinky spray like that skunk did in my back yard.  Well I guess it is my old back yard.  I wonder who will chase the squirrels out of the yard now?  I hope that the new owners have a dog to keep the yard squirrel free.  If not maybe my friends Deuce, Maverick and Woody can patrol that area when they go on walks with their humans.  I hear I get to have a play date with them soon, yeah play time.  I also think I get to hang with my cousin Maya too.  Maybe I will get to see my BFF Daisy and her brother buddy too.

My human dad is working from the hotel the rest of the week, and he takes me for walks during his lunch break.  Then he and mom take me for more walks in the evening and out to dinner too.  I like going to restaurants with them I get special treats while they are eating.  So far this adventure is not too bad.  I hear by Friday we will be out of the hotel and in our trailer.  Which means I think I am closer to having some steak.  I wonder what new things I will encounter tomorrow?

Take the time to embrace the smells and sights of your journey, enjoy the moments of each day. 

Super Doggy

Comfy first Night
Time for Milk Bones
Super Tired after Doggy Daycare
Comfy first Night
Going for a walk


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