On the Road 39 Days

We have been on the road for 39 days and tomorrow we arrive at our last National Park, Glacier.  We have another 11 days including our stop in Glacier.  Part of me doesn’t want the journey to end and another part is ready to start setting up our base camp.  We have learned so much about traveling on a long trip like this and what I do know is I would like to do another in the future.   There are so many historical and beautiful places we have yet to visit.

Oregon Trail Historic Site in Wyoming

What is exciting is that once we arrive in Oregon we begin a new adventure and journey; learning about the new area we planning on living for the long term.   While on the road we secured our apartment in a complex that we had viewed several months prior to starting this trip.  One  challenge was e-signing the 51 page rental agreement over the campground wifi.  We had brought with us a hotspot device which still didn’t have full range but was way better than the free wifi.  So we were able to get the job done.   I am looking forward to better bandwidth once we we settle in our new place.

I am so thankful that we took the time out to travel and I am excited for the next chapter as well.  We purposely are not stopping at any of the national parks or historical places  in Washington or Oregon on this trip, those will be adventures we will have from our new home base.

Mt. Rainier- Washington State

Today we are staying in Missoula, MT a planned stop to rest between Yellowstone and Glacier.  We will be doing some chores, getting the oil changed on our vehicle, grocery shopping and maybe some laundry.  One thing is for sure no matter where you are you always need to do the laundry, change the sheets and go grocery shopping.

Things I have learned while traveling across country:

  • Starbucks is not everywhere
  • Dairy Queen Blizzards are very good
  • When in a RV you don’t have to use stinky rest stop bathrooms
  • Wifi available doesn’t me it will work
  • Take your time and enjoy the surroundings
  • Driving 3 to 4 hours across country the scenery is very diverse
    • Nothing like driving Interstate 5 in California from the Bay Area to So. Cal.
Road leaving Zion
  • It is very hard to eat outside in the rain/snow because you have a dog in tow.
  • Not all states allow dogs on the patio area of restaurants
  • Most places that you can eat outside on patio area with a dog are fastfood
  • Eat out in nice places when your dog is in daycare, cook the other times
  • Learned how to cook for two
Sierra’s favorite meal that I cook
  • All gift shops start to look the same
  • Don’t trust your GPS (okay I knew that before) always have paper maps with you to validate where it is sending you.
  • Its okay to take a day out and do nothing

As our journey starts coming to end, I will continue to enjoy each moment and let the next steps come naturally.  At the end of the day life is journey with many different chapters.   I have many blogs to share about our journey but right now I am focused on today and what memories and joy it will bring.

When you travel how do you handle taking care of the day to day needs?

Embracing the Journey.


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2 thoughts on “On the Road 39 Days

  1. weekendcampervanning May 27, 2016 / 3:31 pm

    Dairy Queen Blizzards, oh yes! Not having to use rest stop bathrooms is one of the things I appreciate most in our campervan, too. Enjoy the rest of your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. adventuresoffiveblog May 28, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    What an amazing journey–I’m so happy for the two of you (and Sierra, of course!). After several sad coffee-less days, we started bringing Starbucks VIA packets with us. Not the cheapest but so convenient. Completely agree with you about laundry and grocery shopping; even in the middle of a trip, there are always chores to do. Have a wonderful time at Glacier!

    Liked by 1 person

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