Sierra’s Empty House

The house is getting empty. They also packed the frying pans and when I looked into the fridge tonight it is looking empty. My mom brought home a toy for me from my human Sister KK last weekend. It was so much fun playing with it and I left it in one of the empty rooms. Empty rooms, empty nest, too much empty for my taste. Which by the way I love the taste of Steak, Cheese, Chicken, Turkey and Milk Bones. I miss my human siblings, but I am proud of them going to that college thing. I hope we get to see them before the adventure begins, rumor has it we will. Maybe they will bring me some steak.

I am hoping this adventure we are going on will be fun. Since we will be living in the trailer for two months and it is small; there won’t be anything empty about that. Nice and cozy for the three of us to hang out and snuggle. Plus I am pretty sure mom will make steak on the BBQ, that is one of the meals we have had before in the trailer.

The adventure will start in 11 days. I wonder what a giant Sequoia will look like? Will it be bigger than moms old Toyota Sequoia? I think it is a tree not a SUV , so maybe it will be like the redwood trees we saw when we went camping in Felton at Henry Cole State Park. We are going some place that has three rivers, Giant Sequoia’s and Kings in a Canyon. I wonder if the Kings are served steak and if they share with friendly dogs?

Since I am a dog I have to go and follow the dreams my humans have. Good thing they spoil me with treats, walks and lots of love. I will miss our house, the smells, lawn, chasing the squirrels out of my yard, napping in the sun, my neighborhood dog friends Maverick, Duce and Woody. I won’t miss Mr. Skunk though, he didn’t want to play nice when I tried to chase him out of the yard. Change is hard, a lot harder than getting sprayed by a Skunk but at least it isn’t smelly and doesn’t require lots of baths in that wet water stuff.

Take the time to embrace the smells and sights of your journey, enjoy the moments of each day. 

Super Doggy

Sierra and her new toy from KK


Counting down to our Oregon Adventure

My husband and I have decided to follow a dream that we have had for many years.  We are moving from California to Oregon.We are in the process of selling our house, putting everything in storage and getting ready for our last day of work. With both of our kids off to college and out of the house we are going to make this major life change.   Part of this move involves us taking 2-3 months off to visit as many national parks, monuments and points of interests as we can.  Taking our travel trailer on the road along with our dog Sierra.  The goal is to take the long way to Oregon, via South Dakota.

It is hard to imagine that this will be happening in 25 days.  I can remember in 2004 after our first family trip to Oregon talking about moving when our kids graduate from high school.  I have loved the Oregon/Washington area since I was a kid going camping and visiting the area with my grandparents. My goal with this site is to share about how this dream came to be a reality and what it is like to follow your dream.

Embracing the journey.


Our future home for the next 2 to 3 months