The Dream- Bon Voyage ~ Aloha

bitmoji-Tiffany Bon VoyageWe are not saying goodbye, instead Bon Voyage or Aloha*.  The last two months we have celebrated our exciting adventure with friends and family.  We have shared our plans and the detailed spreadsheet that I have created on the route we will be taking for our National Park tour.

We have played Bocce Ball, gone bowling, celebrated Easter, birthdays, ate lots of yummy food and shared many memories.  We appreciate all the love and care we have received these last few months from our family and friends.

This is not goodbye, but Aloha,  Bon Voyage for the new adventure started    During our journey we will stay connected to our family and friends via this blog, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and whatever means necessary.

The journey has begun and we are thankful to all the well wishes and celebrations that lead to this event.

*In the Hawaiian language, Aloha can mean hello or goodbye.


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Sierra’s Hotel Stay

20160411_024743829_iOSSunday was a weird day, they took everything out of the house.  The bed, chairs, my dog dishes, blankets and pillow.  We had to say goodbye to the house and also we thanked  the house for providing us shelter.  Which was nice because I really don’t like to be out in the cold or in the rain. Rain is wet and my feet are sensitive to wet things.   We went to this weird place called a hotel.

It’s just a room with a bed but it’s nice and my human mom brought my favorite blankets.  The next day my humans had to go to work so they took me to doggy day care.  Usually I don’t like to be away from my humans but it was fun playing with the other dogs and run around after the stressful weekend of watching our stuff leave the house. They gave me a relaxing massage while bathing me and I didn’t mind that wet stuff too much. Then they gave me a pedicure which included trimming my nails.  I was bummed that I didn’t get flowers painted like my human mom but oh well.

So far this hotel thing has been nice, the bed is comfy;  I saw interesting animals like a turkey and a rabbit walking around the neighborhood.  I wish I wasn’t on my leash so I could go say hi but I wonder if these animals  make stinky spray like that skunk did in my back yard.  Well I guess it is my old back yard.  I wonder who will chase the squirrels out of the yard now?  I hope that the new owners have a dog to keep the yard squirrel free.  If not maybe my friends Deuce, Maverick and Woody can patrol that area when they go on walks with their humans.  I hear I get to have a play date with them soon, yeah play time.  I also think I get to hang with my cousin Maya too.  Maybe I will get to see my BFF Daisy and her brother buddy too.

My human dad is working from the hotel the rest of the week, and he takes me for walks during his lunch break.  Then he and mom take me for more walks in the evening and out to dinner too.  I like going to restaurants with them I get special treats while they are eating.  So far this adventure is not too bad.  I hear by Friday we will be out of the hotel and in our trailer.  Which means I think I am closer to having some steak.  I wonder what new things I will encounter tomorrow?

Take the time to embrace the smells and sights of your journey, enjoy the moments of each day. 

Super Doggy

Comfy first Night
Time for Milk Bones
Super Tired after Doggy Daycare
Comfy first Night
Going for a walk


The Dream – Telling Friends and Family


Once we decided to take the leap and follow this dream and adventure; the harder part was to share with friends and family.  What was once a maybe someday thought shared with some friends and family was becoming a reality.

Family was first in sharing the news, then friends, bosses and co-workers.  Different people knew at different times.  It was exciting news, life changing news for us and those around us.   Everyone has been supportive and happy for us.  They are also sad to see us leave and don’t want us to go.

For me it’s not goodbye or sad because I know that we can still be connected, it will just be different.   We won’t be across the street, in the next office, 10, 20 , 30 minutes away anymore.  We will be in another state, doing different jobs and visiting by either driving 10 hours or via an airplane.  But we will still be connected, just the how and frequency will change.

We will now have a causal hello via a text message, Facebook Post, Instagram message, this blog, emailed note, post card or via the phone.   Today we have so many ways to keep in touch and say connected. We have our web-camera’s
ready and Skype accounts setup.  It will require more of an effort to keep connected and some of us will drift apart.  Some of us will grow that connection and value the quality of our time together and nurture the time apart with the tools available.

The one thing in life is constant is change and making that statement doesn’t change how hard this is for everyone.  My hubby and I have been thinking, planning and  dreaming about this for a long time.  We have had more time to get used to this idea.  For those that we shared the dream with they knew this is a possibility but not just if it was just talk or if it would become a reality.  Then there are other people where this is coming out of left field and they are hurt that we didn’t share our dream with them.  No matter which group you are in, the feelings you have are valid and adjusting to change takes time.  For us we are excited about what lays head and positive.  There will be days that we will miss everyone and question our choice.  Those are the times we need to stay grounded to our dream and pick up that phone to keep our connections alive.

What ways do you like to stay connected to friends and family that are not local?


Embrace the Journey

Our Trailer

Sierra’s Empty House

The house is getting empty. They also packed the frying pans and when I looked into the fridge tonight it is looking empty. My mom brought home a toy for me from my human Sister KK last weekend. It was so much fun playing with it and I left it in one of the empty rooms. Empty rooms, empty nest, too much empty for my taste. Which by the way I love the taste of Steak, Cheese, Chicken, Turkey and Milk Bones. I miss my human siblings, but I am proud of them going to that college thing. I hope we get to see them before the adventure begins, rumor has it we will. Maybe they will bring me some steak.

I am hoping this adventure we are going on will be fun. Since we will be living in the trailer for two months and it is small; there won’t be anything empty about that. Nice and cozy for the three of us to hang out and snuggle. Plus I am pretty sure mom will make steak on the BBQ, that is one of the meals we have had before in the trailer.

The adventure will start in 11 days. I wonder what a giant Sequoia will look like? Will it be bigger than moms old Toyota Sequoia? I think it is a tree not a SUV , so maybe it will be like the redwood trees we saw when we went camping in Felton at Henry Cole State Park. We are going some place that has three rivers, Giant Sequoia’s and Kings in a Canyon. I wonder if the Kings are served steak and if they share with friendly dogs?

Since I am a dog I have to go and follow the dreams my humans have. Good thing they spoil me with treats, walks and lots of love. I will miss our house, the smells, lawn, chasing the squirrels out of my yard, napping in the sun, my neighborhood dog friends Maverick, Duce and Woody. I won’t miss Mr. Skunk though, he didn’t want to play nice when I tried to chase him out of the yard. Change is hard, a lot harder than getting sprayed by a Skunk but at least it isn’t smelly and doesn’t require lots of baths in that wet water stuff.

Take the time to embrace the smells and sights of your journey, enjoy the moments of each day. 

Super Doggy

Sierra and her new toy from KK


The Dream – Moving

It is hard to say when the idea of leaving California started to form.  Was it when I was in my early teens visiting Northern California, Washington and Oregon with my grandparents?  I remember how green Oregon and Washington were; seeing waterfalls  and the rain.   I also remember wanting to leave California before the big one (Earth Quake).    That is before I learned about the pacific ring of fire and about volcanoes in the  cascade mountain range;  I was in my early teens in the 80’s without the internet.

Flash forward to the summer of 2004, when we go on a family vacation to Oregon. Visiting Carter Lake, Bend, Three Sisters,  and Florence. Exploring Central Oregon to the coast, I knew that this state was where we might want to live.  So my hubby and I made the statement when the kids graduate from school we will move north or maybe east as far as Utah.  So we spent the next 12 years taking vacations, reading and learning about different places to move.  At 40 I subscribed to  Where to Retire Magazine,
not that our move would mean retirement but it could be our forever town.  We also read books:


The criteria for us for picking our new state or town:  Lower cost of living, Airport within an 1 drive, no humidity, less traffic than we have in the SF Bay Area, jobs available for IT skills,  not too hot, drive able to visit family and to go camping for the annual family reunion in Northern California.   We narrowed our search to Washington State and Oregon.  Portland, Oregon area seemed to hit our criteria the best.   We liked the diverse landscape, how it would be easy to drive to the coast or the mountains.  It reminded us of the things we liked the best about living in the SF bay area and all the outdoor options that were close by.

After several visits and lots of dreaming and  planning we made the decision to make this change.  I created a spreadsheet several years ago before we made our final location choice on what we needed to save and pay off in order to make this dream happen.  The target time frame was 2016/2017 depending on where our kids where in their college journey’s.

In late December after our most recent visit to Portland, we asked ourselves what was keeping us from taking this leap.  Fear of the unknown,  would we find new jobs, home, would we be okay with all the rain, would we be get home sick for our CA family and  friends.  Taking a deep breath, with lots of research, dreaming, planning we have taken the plunge to pursue our dream of moving to Oregon.

Have you ever pursued a dream that was fearful?  How did it turn out?



Sierra’s Thoughts on the “Adventure”

DSCN0355By Sierra

It seems everything lately it is all about this move and my humans following their dream.  Camping for over two months in the trailer, not sure how much I am going to like this dream of theirs.  Of course I like the trailer better than when we sleep in a tent.  There is carpet, cushions, a bed and soft blankets in the trailer.  Then moving to a place that has all that wet stuff.  No one asked me for my input on this move. 

Every time I turn around they have moved something  or I see them take it out to the truck. My favorite chair and sofa, they are no longer in the house. I hear strange things about this is going to “long term” or “short term” storage.  What is this apartment me thing they are talking about?  Will it have a backyard for me to chase squirrels and other creatures out of?  What about all that wet stuff, they know I don’t like getting my paws wet.

Then we are camping for two months, visiting national parks.  Which aren’t very dog friendly I have read.  Yes, I read over my human mom’s shoulder.  So what are they going to do with me while they are exploring this unfriendly dog place? Most importantly when are they going to start cooking steak again.  I love chicken but it’s been too long, I need steak.

I will report back to you on this move and camping trip.  As long as I get to be with my humans I think this adventure will be okay, plus they will not be working for 2 to 3 months.  Which means I get to be spoiled with lots of walks and attention.  Maybe once we get in the trailer we can have some steak, since mom doesn’t want to stink up the house before we move.  Yes, camping with steaks on the BBQ, long walks sniffing new smells and naps with my humans, that is my kind of adventure.

Sierra and the Trailer

Counting down to our Oregon Adventure

My husband and I have decided to follow a dream that we have had for many years.  We are moving from California to Oregon.We are in the process of selling our house, putting everything in storage and getting ready for our last day of work. With both of our kids off to college and out of the house we are going to make this major life change.   Part of this move involves us taking 2-3 months off to visit as many national parks, monuments and points of interests as we can.  Taking our travel trailer on the road along with our dog Sierra.  The goal is to take the long way to Oregon, via South Dakota.

It is hard to imagine that this will be happening in 25 days.  I can remember in 2004 after our first family trip to Oregon talking about moving when our kids graduate from high school.  I have loved the Oregon/Washington area since I was a kid going camping and visiting the area with my grandparents. My goal with this site is to share about how this dream came to be a reality and what it is like to follow your dream.

Embracing the journey.


Our future home for the next 2 to 3 months