Sierra’s Thoughts on the “Adventure”

DSCN0355By Sierra

It seems everything lately it is all about this move and my humans following their dream.  Camping for over two months in the trailer, not sure how much I am going to like this dream of theirs.  Of course I like the trailer better than when we sleep in a tent.  There is carpet, cushions, a bed and soft blankets in the trailer.  Then moving to a place that has all that wet stuff.  No one asked me for my input on this move. 

Every time I turn around they have moved something  or I see them take it out to the truck. My favorite chair and sofa, they are no longer in the house. I hear strange things about this is going to “long term” or “short term” storage.  What is this apartment me thing they are talking about?  Will it have a backyard for me to chase squirrels and other creatures out of?  What about all that wet stuff, they know I don’t like getting my paws wet.

Then we are camping for two months, visiting national parks.  Which aren’t very dog friendly I have read.  Yes, I read over my human mom’s shoulder.  So what are they going to do with me while they are exploring this unfriendly dog place? Most importantly when are they going to start cooking steak again.  I love chicken but it’s been too long, I need steak.

I will report back to you on this move and camping trip.  As long as I get to be with my humans I think this adventure will be okay, plus they will not be working for 2 to 3 months.  Which means I get to be spoiled with lots of walks and attention.  Maybe once we get in the trailer we can have some steak, since mom doesn’t want to stink up the house before we move.  Yes, camping with steaks on the BBQ, long walks sniffing new smells and naps with my humans, that is my kind of adventure.

Sierra and the Trailer

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