Sierra- Colorado

Bunnies, Elk, walking around town,  a lake and a river.

Going from Utah to Colorado was interesting.  Our first stop was in Golden, Colorado.  Which is the home for Coors and KONG.  I don’t really like beer so we went to check out the headquarters for KONG.  Couldn’t determine if they had tours but I was able to see where these fun toys were made.  My cousin Maya loves these as much as I do and I wanted to go on the tour so I could buy her one.  My human said I could get her something along the way.

In the Golden area there was a lot of hail and thunder storms and even tornado warnings to the east of our location.  We were watching the news and there were some people camping and their RV’s were flipped over.  I am really glad we were not camping over there, that would not be any fun.  Earthquakes or Tornado’s wouldn’t be good for trailers.  I also do not want to be transported to OZ and meet those flying monkeys.  Just the thought gives me chills, I don’t know how Toto survived that experience. 


One cool thing in Golden, there was a Starbucks and I had my first Puppuccino.  It was yummy.   My human mom was so cool to ask for one for me.    It was just whipped cream but so cool and delicious.

The other cool thing about Golden was at the RV Park there were bunnies which are way more cool than Squirrels. I so wanted to frolic in the the grass with them but my humans wouldn’t let me off my leash.  😦  I enjoyed watching them from the trailer and imaging what it would be like to run in the grass with them.

Next we went to Estes Park near Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was snowing there, it was awesome. I like snow much better than rain.  It was really cool.  Then during the night when we went outside there was snow everywhere.  It was a little chilly out so I was glad I got to stay at doggy daycare and play with my new friends inside.


The last day we went for a walk along Estes Lake and there were Elk everywhere.  They are not cute like bunnies so I didn’t want to run and play with them.  I just observed them from a safe distance with my humans. 

The one thing I liked about staying in Estes Park is that we walked the town each day and down by the river.  One day we were having lunch by the river and there were two big labs like my cousin Maya jumping in the river and fetching a stick.  They were crazy dogs, why would you jump in water, very cold snow melted water just for a stick.  I can see maybe for some steak but a stick.  Then to keep doing it over and over again, that is not something I think would be fun for me.  I hear that labs love the water so maybe this is really a fun thing for them.  Every dog is unique and enjoys different things, as long as I don’t have to jump in with them and they are happy they should go for it.  I am the type of dog that loves blankets and long walks on dry land.

Next we head to Wyoming and South Dakota maybe I will get to see more bunnies there and get a chance to run around and play with them.  I wonder what new places I will see tomorrow and yummy treats for my tummy.  Take the time to embrace the smells and sights of your journey, enjoy the moments of each day.


Super Doggy

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