The Dream – Telling Friends and Family


Once we decided to take the leap and follow this dream and adventure; the harder part was to share with friends and family.  What was once a maybe someday thought shared with some friends and family was becoming a reality.

Family was first in sharing the news, then friends, bosses and co-workers.  Different people knew at different times.  It was exciting news, life changing news for us and those around us.   Everyone has been supportive and happy for us.  They are also sad to see us leave and don’t want us to go.

For me it’s not goodbye or sad because I know that we can still be connected, it will just be different.   We won’t be across the street, in the next office, 10, 20 , 30 minutes away anymore.  We will be in another state, doing different jobs and visiting by either driving 10 hours or via an airplane.  But we will still be connected, just the how and frequency will change.

We will now have a causal hello via a text message, Facebook Post, Instagram message, this blog, emailed note, post card or via the phone.   Today we have so many ways to keep in touch and say connected. We have our web-camera’s
ready and Skype accounts setup.  It will require more of an effort to keep connected and some of us will drift apart.  Some of us will grow that connection and value the quality of our time together and nurture the time apart with the tools available.

The one thing in life is constant is change and making that statement doesn’t change how hard this is for everyone.  My hubby and I have been thinking, planning and  dreaming about this for a long time.  We have had more time to get used to this idea.  For those that we shared the dream with they knew this is a possibility but not just if it was just talk or if it would become a reality.  Then there are other people where this is coming out of left field and they are hurt that we didn’t share our dream with them.  No matter which group you are in, the feelings you have are valid and adjusting to change takes time.  For us we are excited about what lays head and positive.  There will be days that we will miss everyone and question our choice.  Those are the times we need to stay grounded to our dream and pick up that phone to keep our connections alive.

What ways do you like to stay connected to friends and family that are not local?


Embrace the Journey

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