National Parks Visited April to May 5th

National Parks Visited April to May 5th

The adventure is underway, we left the SF Bay Area on Monday, April 18th and have been on the road for 17 days so far.   Today is a travel day and we are leaving Moab, Utah and heading to Colorado.  It is going to be a long travel day, we will then spend three nights outside of Denver before heading to Rocky Mountain National Park.

View from our campsite at Sequoia RV Park.

We have visited  Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley, Zion, Bryce, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks; we even spent a few days in Las Vegas.  All the parks have such different weather, terrian and ways to visit the parks.  Best  thing about  each park is that it has its own unique beauty and truly showns how amazing our country is.

Internet has been spotty which has impacted my blogging so I will be sharing out details on each park in future blogs.  States visited to date are California, Nevada, Arizona (drove through a tiny piece) and Utah.

We have had some interesting challenges, our kitchen sink pipes started to leak when we heated the hot water or showered.  So we had to fix those, some sealant did the trick.  The other night in Moab the outside water line into the trailer burst at its seams and water was everywhere in the campground.  Thankfully John had gotten up at 2am and discovered the issue otherwise it would have been even more wet outside if we hadn’t caught until later.  We located the local Feed and RV supply store to get the replacement hose.  It was our original hose and 5 years old.

Our home while on the road

I am thankful we tossed in the winter hats and gloves, they came in handy when we visited Bryce.  It got down to 30 degrees our last night there and John discovered Icicles hanging from the trailer the next morning.

Bryce Canyon

Overall we are having a blast and enjoying each new experience and challenge that comes our way.   We have taking down and resetting up the trailer at each new place down to a science.   Sierra even has the routine down and just naps while we do our thing.  Well got to go, hitting the road to the next place.   What are your faviorte challenges and experiences on a journey you have taken?

Embracing the Journey.


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2 thoughts on “National Parks Visited April to May 5th

  1. adventuresoffiveblog May 5, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    Would love to visit Bryce Canyon when there’s snow–your photos are gorgeous! (Though summer there is pretty amazing, too. :-D) What a fantastic adventure you’re on…looking forward to reading more!


    • Tiffany May 6, 2016 / 2:27 am

      Thank you, would love to see it the summer as well.


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