Sierra – Death Valley, Las Vegas & Zion

Death Valley, Las Vegas and Zion National Park

I have been to 4 national parks and Las Vegas.  The best part is I have been hanging with my human’s almost the entire time.  I have visited two doggie places too.

When we left Sequoia and Kings Canyon National parks we headed over to Death Valley NP.   It was hot there and windy.  The ground was warm and my mom keep checking it with her hand to make sure it wasn’t too hot for my paws.  She is a worry wart like that, I am 10 years old I know how to tell her if it was too hot.  I would jump into her arms, duh.  It was really windy there so windy that the trailer was rocking all night and day.  Mom said it was like being in turbulence on an airplane.  I am not sure what that is but what  I didn’t like was all the sand blowing in my eyes.

Here I am in the truck with my humans exploring Death Valley in the Air Conditioning.

After Death Valley we went to Las Vegas and they took me to the Camp Bow Wow and it was the best.  I really need some doggie time.  I love my human’s but being with them 24/7 and no doggies to sniff and play with was a bummer.  But don’t tell them I liked it there because I want them to feel a little guilty for leaving me.

Here I am giving my human dad directions on how to go back to Camp Bow Wow for day two.

Then we went to Zion National Park and there was wet stuff and mud.  My paws didn’t get too wet and muddy but my fur was damp.  I had two play days at the Doggy Dude Ranch and it was an awesome place.  It is like visiting someone’s home.  Loved it there and had a blast playing with the humans and dogs.

Dad and I along the Pa’rus trail next to the Virgin River.

 The last full  day at Zion we went on the hike in the park.  I know I was surprised too, there was actually a trail for dogs.  (Pet Rules at Zion Park)  It is called Pa’rus Trail, which says dog to me “Paws R US” is how I understand it.  Actually I read the sign while we waited for my human dad and it is a Paiute word meaning, “bubbling, tumbling water,”.    Dad dropped us off at Canyon Junction which was by shuttle stop #3.  He then parked the truck and joined us back at the shuttle stop.   I liked that the trail was paved and how it followed the river as we headed to the visitor center.  We stopped along the way at the Human History Museum for a rest before we got to the end.

I wished we had hiked the trail round trip instead of just one way, but mom was afraid it might rain.  Since I am not a fan of the wet stuff, good call but don’t tell her that.   Also, about an hour after we finished that hike and a hike into town it started to rain, thankfully we only go a little wet but it was pouring once we made it in the trailer and the sky was flashing and banging.  I am told that is thunder and lighting, very cool we didn’t have that in California.

I wonder what new places I will see tomorrow and yummy treats for my tummy.  Take the time to embrace the smells and sights of your journey, enjoy the moments of each day.

Super Doggy

#EmbraceNewSmells #FindyourPark #Day2DayTravels

Time for a nap after all that walking and exploring in Zion.

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