Sierra- Dinning with my Humans

Now that we don’t have the house my humans stayed in a hotel for a few days before moving to our trailer.  In the last week I have been to restaurants.  Some of these places actually serve dogs.  Who knew what I was missing out on while they left me in the yard;  what amazing smells at these places with yummy food for my tummy.

IMG_3146The Lazy Dog served me a ground steak burger with boring brown rice.  I also got my own water bowl, it was delicious stuff.  The best part was I got to hang with KK my human sister and my mom.  Girls night for us.  Another day we went to a place for breakfast and mom got me scrambled eggs.   The cool part was my other human sibling  was with us  Sean the bearded one.  He looks good with the beard and I like how it feels when we snuggle and I lick his face.

Once we got to Sequoia National Park area we went to this Mexican restaurant in Three Rivers where they gave me Milk Bones.  We ate out on the patio and I drank water from a Styrofoam bowl. I could tell my humans were very relaxed and enjoyed their meal.  Dad gave me some of his chicken.

I heard about this thing called a puppuccino at Starbucks, I am hoping we get one of those soon.   Not a lot of Starbucks around though, maybe when we get to Las Vegas.

Oh and we finally had steak for dinner in the trailer the other night.  It was yummy good, better than ever.  Of course I don’t get a whole steak, that would be awesome.  But they do give me a few pieces and let me lick the juice off their paper plates.  I wonder when we will have steak again?   I saw a deer at Sequoia National Park, I don’t want to eat them.   I only eat meat from the supermarket.  My humans don’t take me to the supermarket, one of them hangs with me in the parking lot but I know that is where steak comes from.

I wonder what new places I will see next and yummy treats for my tummy.

Super Doggy

#EmbraceNewSmells #FindyourPark #Day2DayTravels

Sierra and KK (human sister)

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