The Dream- Bon Voyage ~ Aloha

bitmoji-Tiffany Bon VoyageWe are not saying goodbye, instead Bon Voyage or Aloha*.  The last two months we have celebrated our exciting adventure with friends and family.  We have shared our plans and the detailed spreadsheet that I have created on the route we will be taking for our National Park tour.

We have played Bocce Ball, gone bowling, celebrated Easter, birthdays, ate lots of yummy food and shared many memories.  We appreciate all the love and care we have received these last few months from our family and friends.

This is not goodbye, but Aloha,  Bon Voyage for the new adventure started    During our journey we will stay connected to our family and friends via this blog, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and whatever means necessary.

The journey has begun and we are thankful to all the well wishes and celebrations that lead to this event.

*In the Hawaiian language, Aloha can mean hello or goodbye.


#EmbracetheJourney #Day2DayTravels #Findyourpark

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